Bendigo Bank Supports DHC Health Program

August 08, 2017 at 2:41 PM

Doncaster Hockey Club Health Programs Continue

Doncaster Hockey Club are the proud recipients of a Bendigo Bank CEF grant of $5,165.00 to run a Resilience and Positive Mental Health Program 2017-2018.

Doncaster’s Youth Leadership coordinator Mark Pasquali and Operation Manager Andrea Snow, along with other community groups, attended the Bendigo Bank cheque presentation night conducted by Bendigo Bank staff and Directors.


Mark Pasquali, Andrea Snow receive the $5,165.00 cheque from Templestowe Branch Manager Chris Cahir.

The Resilience and Positive Mental Health Program grant money will be used to deliver an extension to our existing workshops, this time to include practical strategies to build resilience and develop positive mental health for; young people, their coaches, their parents and peer senior players.

On receiving the grant Mark Pasquali said “We recognise that in a sporting environment, there are several risk factors that could contribute to mental health problems, including: parental pressures of expectations and achievements, lack of positive relationships, socio-economic disadvantage, discrimination or fear of failure. We also know that a sports club is an excellent community forum that can help minimise risk of these factors”.

The workshops will be delivered by a variety of presenters including: Sports Psychologists Resilience Project organisation and consultation and advice with City of Manningham Youth and Community Safety Officers and Doncare.

In late July, Doncaster hosted Outside the Locker Room conducted by Jake Edwards former AFL footballer.  Jake tells a powerful story of his own journey with depression, anxiety and addiction.  He tells of proactive strategies of how to deal with mental health and how to support people with mental health issues.

On that evening 50 people attended being a mixture of men and women, senior and junior players and parents.  The vast majority of those there for the session rated it as ‘excellent’.  Bendigo Bank director, Ian Goldsmith, attended and later said “It was an outstanding session with a lot of fabulous messages for everyone but especially the kids in attendance”.


2016-2017 Mental Health workshop with Jake Edwards-Outside the Locker Room, and some well known Doncaster members.

Operations Manager- Andrea Snow said “We are thrilled that we have received this [Bendigo Bank] grant again, which enables us to continue to build a safe, supportive, caring and inclusive club culture. Our relationship with East Doncaster and Templestowe’s Bendigo Bank is a special one. Their model is simple, yet impressive. Their profits are put back into the community and we have been lucky enough to be one of the recipients”. She continued “I encourage all our members to consider using the Bendigo Bank as their preferred bank, because in the end it helps us to deliver projects like our Youth Development Program”.

The club is seeking interested members of the club who would be interested in assisting with steering of the delivery of the program or who have ideas to contribute to its aims. Contact Andrea Snow

The club would like to thank Bendigo Bank for their ongoing support. For more information about 'what Community Banks are all about' click here