Balancing VCE and Hockey - a great session

December 15, 2017 at 11:57 AM

Balancing VCE and Hockey - a great session

For the 3rd year running, Doncaster Hockey Clubs VCE students were able listen to valuable tips and benefits of combining hockey with VCE workloads.  Several current Premier League Squad players, Coaches, and Teachers were part of a panel sharing their experiences and support.

DHC recognises that studies and career path is very important and that those undertaking VCE can consume a lot of your time.  However, there is significant scientific evidence (see document Position Paper.Eduication here) that sports participation improves cognitive function and that athletes have higher levels of academic achievement than non-athletes.

Thank you to our special guests for sharing their insights and experiences and to all the players and parents who attended.


Some speakers and some participants at the December 2017 session of Balancing Hockey and VCE

Below is a summary of tips shared by our Special Guests:

  • Mark Taylor - DHC Coach Director
  • Emma Sampson - VCE 2017 - Womens Premier League Squad
  • Ben Pasquali - VCE 2017 - Mens Squad
  • Lauren Pennefather - VCE 2016 - Womens Premier League Squad
  • Andrea Snow - Operations Manager
  • Michelle Rennie - VCE teacher PLC



  • Communicate regularly and early with your coaches so they understand player commitments and priorities
  • Advise coach when you have SAC’s, busy or stressful times are and regularly discuss your circumstances
  • Your selection should not be affected by not being able to attend training (provided you communicate early)
  • Hockey is a part of your life and wellbeing - enjoy hockey
  • Time Management important – it’s usually the busy players/students who get the best results
  • Education comes first, but we hope you continue to play hockey and get the right balance for you to achieve your goals
  • Exercise is extremely beneficial for your academic results


  • Prioritise what is most important to you. VCE requires time and so do other commitments like hockey and friends, but you can’t always do everything
  • Maintain Balance, chill, study, hockey, etc
  • Utilise time- spares, cars, hockey clubrooms
  • Do an online test to find out what kind of learner you are, then implement it
  • Keep healthy, good eating and getting good sleep on a regular basis
  • Know your learning style and stick with it
  • Develop a planner - list all commitments including, SAC dates, hockey, TV time, study time, social media time, social events, and put in hallway which is very visible - for parents to also view so they don’t nag you to study when you know it’s your down-time
  • Form study groups at school or hockey
  • Try your best and set goals to achieve, but don’t forget that VCE isn’t the end of the world! You will always get where you want to go, studying hard may just give you a head start


  • Ask questions like - What is important for you this week?
  • Can I help?
  • Encourage regular exercise
  • Encourage regular sleeping patterns
  • Eat regular meals – not at their desk
  • Let go!


  • Use the travel time to hockey to study - podcasts, download texts
  • Social/Chill time balance is important too
  • Communicate with your teachers about your hockey commitments


These key points above are available on the following ideal print out version: VCE Tips for 2017.

Good luck to all the Donny players doing VCE in 2018!