ANZAC Day Cup 2022 - A Wonderful Day

April 28, 2022 at 1:28 PM

ANZAC Day Cup 2022

In 1995 Essendon Football Club Coach, Kevin Sheedy got together with the Collingwood Football Club, the Returned Services League and the AFL to find an appropriate way for the football community to commemorate ANZAC Day.  In those days, playing football on ANZAC Day was by no means welcomed.  Sheedy’s incredible work has underlined the importance of ANZAC Day and allowed the football community to honour ANZAC Day and all those serving in the armed services.

In 2014 Hockey Victoria together with Doncaster and Essendon hockey clubs followed Sheedy’s initiative and set about making ANZAC Day a special day in the hockey calendar.  The inaugural ANZAC Day Cup was held at Doncaster’s home pitch.  The following year the ANZAC Day Cup was held on Essendon’s home pitch and this was a very significant year.  2015 marked the 100 year anniversary of the ANZAC troops landing at Gallipoli; which of course, was the beginning of term ANZAC.  The ANZAC Day Cup certainly has become an extremely important event across the hockey community.

Obviously, the COVID pandemic has turned the routine way of life upside down.  The Victoria hockey community saw two full seasons cancelled.  In 2020 the ANZAC Day Cup could not be played.  2022 has a very strong and successful vaccine system under its belt so we are looking forward to a return to some kind of acceptable ‘normal’.  The 2022 ANZAC Day Cup was a huge step in that direction and if nothing else gave us all the opportunity to appropriately acknowledge all those who have served our country in the Defence Services.

A huge crowd attended Monday’s event and everyone had smiles on their faces.  Doncaster’s Paul Sampson started the day with a Acknowledgement of Country and thanked everyone for attending this significant day.


Paul Sampson welcomes the crowd

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Paul also acknowledged senior hockey people.  Doncaster Executive Chairperson Sue Sturrock was there as was Essendon Executive David Landgren and Hockey Victoria’s Andrew Skillern and David Bourke.

Paul then introduced Alan Evered.  Alan served in Korea and is grandfather of Doncaster players Luke and Jake Evered.  Alan led the Ode of Remembrance.  The Last Post was then played by James O’Hehir.  After a minute’s silence, James played the Reveille.  Paul then introduced Lucy Gill who sang the National Anthem beautifully (with no music back up).


Alan Evered and the Ode of Remembrance

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell


James O’Hehir performed the Last Post followed by the Reveille

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell


The National Anthem sung by Lucy Gill

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

It goes without saying that ANZAC Day is very important to Alan Evered and he has strong links to the Doncaster Hockey Club.  Alan's grandsons are Doncaster players and so is his granddaughter-in-law.


Keeping it in the family: Luke, Alan and Sam

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Some outstanding hockey then followed.  The Most Courageous Medal is awarded for the Men’s and Women’s Premier League matches.  On Monday these medals were awarded to Chloe Burns and Byron Fernandes.


Chloe Burns also holding the ANZAC Day Cup

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell


Byron Fernades

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell