Andrea Snow to Retire

July 23, 2020 at 10:45 AM

Thank you so much Andrea

As you are probably aware, Andrea Snow has decided to retire as Doncaster’s Operations Manager in September, what would have been the end of the 2020 Winter Season.  The Club is very hopeful that COVID-19 restrictions will have eased by the end of September as we will certainly have a formal farewell for Andrea at that time.

Andrea has held the Operations Manager position for ten years and what a decade that has been.  As current Club Chair, Ken Scott said “Andrea’s contribution to the Club as Operations Manager has been immeasurable”.  Andrea was the first full time employee of the Club but across that period has driven so much more than what the Operations Manager covers.

You may well have read Andrea’s note to the Doncaster Hockey Club community that she is finishing her formal role and mentioned a good number of highlights that she experienced in that role.  Bear in mind this list was not simply highlights that Andrea herself experienced and enjoyed, these were some of the most significant highlights across the entire Club and Andrea was a prime mover in all these events.

Our Club has been extremely well organised and a pleasure to be a part of, due in no small part to Andrea’s efforts.

Sarah Gaskill, our immediate past Chair, worked closely with Andrea during her entire term as Club Chair, Sarah remembers the Club was extremely well run with Andrea in the Operations Manager role.  “I've always been grateful for the strong backbone that has been Philly.  Connecting all and communicating across the Club.  She has been there to pick up the pieces following obscure things like break-ins and to celebrate the wins on and off the field.  Always there, always busy - you will be missed Philly!” Sarah said.

Rob Henry was the Club Chairman when Andrea started as Operations Manager in 2011, Rob remembers Andrea’s support to him as Chairman and the entire Executive was exceptional.  “I couldn’t have stayed in my role as long as I did without Phil – people might view that as a good thing or bad thing but I take out of it that Phil was the glue.  As the Club Executive we might not have had a top level hockey background, we certainly all had passion, but Phil could fill that void and bring the very social and very serious together – at the time, this was exactly what Doncaster Hockey Club was looking for – and in my eyes the envy of the hockey community” Rob said.

Rob went on to remind us that Andrea was key in developing the Doncaster Junior Development strategy.  “Not many people may know that Phil was the instigator of the Junior Development Officer role and introduced me to Victor Romagosa which was enormous for DHC and his foundations have led to a couple of Ernie Johns Cups (Best Junior Club)” Rob said.

Looking back over ten years it isn’t difficult to point to a handsome list of highlights.  However, if there is a standout of the Doncaster Hockey Club it is the culture of the Club.  Doncaster is a welcoming, open club with a very inclusive atmosphere.  And Andrea has been a driver of formal programs that underline and reinforce that culture; programs such as Fair Go, Sport!, This Girl Can, Youth Leadership Award Program, Girls Night In, Boys Night In, Tomorrow Man Workshop, Mid-Week Ladies Social Hockey, Holiday Hockey Camp, Summer Hockey, ANZAC Day Cup and the very introduction to our sport with Hookin2Hockey.  The sport of hockey may well be what we play but programs such as these are the building blocks that make our Club so accessible and enjoyable and Andrea has been pivotal in managing these programs over the past decade.

And as a suburban sporting club, we rely heavily on the support and effort of our volunteers.  Our Club draws on over 140 volunteers a year and each and every one of those volunteers will be able to recall how Andrea has helped them get involved and add to the value of our Club.  It was Andrea that has organised the annual Thank You Volunteers Dinner, a small but important way the Club can thank the enormous work our volunteers do.

Our Sponsors will also be very sorry to see Andrea step down.  It goes without saying that our Sponsors are critically important to our Club and Andrea has built a ‘win-win’ relationship with those Sponsors.  Too often Sponsors have a sign put up around a sporting field and that is that.  Once again, Andrea has welcomed and supported our Sponsors across the Club over the years.

Rob Henry summed up Andrea’s contribution very well.  “She has exactly the right amount of passion, hockey nous, knowledge, commitment and empathy for a local sporting club.  Doncaster Hockey Club were and are, very lucky to have Andrea Snow as a member” Rob concluded.

Andrea will formally finish up as Operations Manager in September.  However, as a Life Member of our Club and a dedicated hockey player, we are sure she will still be close by.  But keep your eye out for the formal farewell, a date to be fixed.


While Andrea is retiring we are saying Thank You not goodbye