AGM 2019- New Board elected

November 29, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Doncaster Hockey Club Annual General Meeting 2019


The Doncaster Hockey Club undertook the 45th Annual General Meeting at the Clubrooms, Mullum Mullum Reserve, last night.  This AGM has seen some changes in senior roles at the Club.


Sarah Gaskill stood down as Club Chairperson after four years in that role and another  four years prior as the Chair of the Women’s Section.  Sarah has made a significant contribution to the Club over those years, in particular her professionalism, vision for an inclusive and respectful club culture, relationships with key stakeholders, support for the clubs well-being and leadership programs, and ability to acknowledge and value volunteers.

Ken Scott was elected, unopposed, to the role of Club Chairperson.  Similar to Sarah, Ken comes to this role with a significant contribution to the Club over many years.  Ken has been Chairperson of the Men’s Section for the past five years.  Prior to taking on the Men’s Section Chair, Ken was the Juniors’ Section Chairperson for seven years.  Clearly, the Club has a highly experienced leader in Ken.

Scott David is the new Men’s Section Chairperson.  Scott played a number of years at DHC in juniors and seniors and has also coached juniors. He has recently been involved in the steering committee of the clubs new strategic plan. His background in community organisations, inclusion with a ‘young’ welcoming approach as a leader will welcomed. 

After four years as Secretary, Craig Huntley has also stood down.  Craig has worked hard in setting up processes, document formatting and excellent communications.   We would like to thanks Craig very much for his service over these years.  Craig will be replaced by Adam Oberg. Adam is the father of Tom and Sam and has a good grasp of the club’s functions.  

And after three years as the Chairperson of the Junior’s Section, Sue Sturrock has stood down as has Mark Burchell with three years’ experience as Women’s Section Chairperson.  The Chairperson roles of the various Club Sections are very critical and Sue and Mark have done a great service to the Club.  We thank Sue and Mark very much for their contributions over the years.

At this point the Club is still looking for a new Chairperson for both the Junior’s and Women’s Section.  These positions are aimed at being more strategic roles with a strong band of people working under them. We welcome expressions of interest from our members for either of these positions.  Sue and Mark will continue to be involved with the Club and are more than happy to help their succeeding Chairs settle into these roles.

Congratulations to Dean Todero who was voted in a Life Member. Dean has been at the club since 1974, played Premier League, Australian Indoor, coached and played in numerous teams and organised our Club74.

The Club has an exciting time ahead and our new Board will be managing a number of projects that will significantly improve the Club broadly.

In 2020, DHC will welcome a club based Sports Chaplain together with an engaging Wellbeing workshops working to help everyone connected the to the Club on social and emotional levels.

The Mullum Mullum Pavilion Kitchen will be upgraded next year.  By the end of 2020 the well overdue Female Friendly Change Rooms will also be underway as will improved meeting rooms, the Proshop and Umpires rooms.

And while our existing scoreboard was leader when launched in 1990, technology has moved on.  A new Technical area replacing the scoreboard and improving the players dugouts is now on the horizon.

We still need your help. 

Below is a list of positions that need to be filled.

Please speak with Ken Scott or Andrea Snow is you are interested to find out more about the roles.