2017 AGM and new Life Member Ken Scott

December 12, 2017 at 12:41 PM

The Doncaster Hockey Club’s 43rd Annual General Meeting was held at the Club rooms on Thursday 7th December 2017.

Congratulations to the newly elected 2018 Board Member Mohan Arunasalam.

Club Chairperson, Sarah Gaskill opened the meeting by welcoming the 25 members in attendance and acknowledging the Life Members present. 

Sarah reflected on the year for the Club, including the Premierships, Family Fun Day and new initiatives like Club 74, Mental Health workshop with Jake Edwards and the Faces of Donny poster

Marc Peskett reported that our healthy numbers have helped the Club financially providing us with a small profit for the year.  We continue to accrue funds for the resurfacing of our pitch is taking place in December 2017.

Sarah thanked the existing Board and members of the various Committees for their outstanding efforts over the past year, without which the Club simply could not operate. 

This year Marc Peskett is stepping down from our Executive.  Marc has undertaken the Executive Treasurers role for the past 11 years. In his time, our club has seen significant strategic changes with major financial impacts, including the employment of a Junior Development Officer, Operations Manager and the opening of Proshop. Marc’s wisdom and guidance has been pivotal in assisting the club achieve these milestones, setting Doncaster Hockey Club as benchmark club in Australia. Thank you, Marc, you will be sorely missed.


A full coloured Annual Report was distributed to attendees.




All positions on the Board were then declared vacant and nominations for the various positions were read out.  No position was contested, all the various nominees being appointed to the position they nominated for.

Congratulations to the following people who will be leading our club in 2018:

Chair- Sarah Gaskill

Secretary- Craig Huntley

Treasurer- Mohan Arunasalam

Womens Chair- Mark Burchell

Mens Chair- Ken Scott

Juniors Chair- Sue Sturrock

Board Member- Paul Sampson

Board Member- Meridie Jackson



Sarah Gaskill announced that the 2017 Executive had nominated Ken Scott to be voted in as a Life Member.  

Ken Scott

  • Member of the club since 1975
  • Interstate during the 90’s.
  • Chair of Junior section 2007-2013
  • Vice Chairperson of Club 2014
  • Chair of Mens Section 2015-2017

Ken has been a supporter and advocate for fairness, processes and valuing club contributors.

He always acts with integrity, and the best interests of the club.

Ken was voted in as Life Members unopposed.


Service award badges were presented to Life Members in recognition of their long term contributions to the club.


Life members- Ken Scott, Ron Todero, Lyn Todero, Wayne da Silva, Mike Hamilton, Andrea Snow, Ann Henry, John Henry



To view the minutes of the AGM  email Doncaster HC Secretary - Craig Huntley secretary@doncasterhockey.club