Visions & Aims

DHC Men's Visions & Aims

DHC Men's Section Vision, Goals & Plans for PL, Reserve Grade, PA & PB Teams


All successful individuals and organisations have a clear understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve. In other words success, especially sustained success, does not come by accident but through vision, planning, passion, resilience and hard work.

It is extremely important for Doncaster Hockey Club men’s section to have a clear vision of where it is heading and what it is aiming to achieve. This vision provides the direction for all decisions, planning and processes which need to be made and implemented to make it happen. The leadership group of the men’s section have developed a vision and plans for the men’s section and these are outlined below.


Elite Vision

To provide a club environment  (physical, financial, learning, and organisational framework) where coaches, players and officials are encouraged and supported, to strive and achieve the club’s vision for the top squad teams.

Premier League Vision

To regularly produce high performing teams, predominately from home grown talent, capable of winning premierships. The individuals in this team will have a passionate, deep understanding of all aspects of hockey (individual and team skills) and a strong commitment and culture to do what it takes to produce sustained success in sport at this level. In addition, the Premier League team and its members will be strong positive role models and ambassadors for Doncaster Hockey Club ensuring we are known as a premier Victorian club to learn and play elite club hockey.

Reserve Grade, PA and PB Vision

To produce competitive teams which have an excellent development and nurturing environment for junior players who have the potential to play Premier League and beyond in future years.   The Reserve grade team will need to be highly competitive (possible premiership) over time to ensure the quality and depth of the playing group is sufficient to ensure sustained Premier League premiership success.

Sub-elite Vision

To provide a club environment where participants can enjoy their hockey and interact socially with team mates and the wider club community.

General Aims

  • Provide a well organized pre-season program
  • Provide a quality and enjoyable fitness program that is encouraging of players
  • Provide quality training involving development of individual   and team skills (e.g., drag flicks, tossers, stick trappers, set plays and game strategies)
  • Develop a playing structure or style that can then be applied at the Reserve grade, and PA levels to ensure players coming through the system understand the game plan 
  • Provide an environment that enables and encourages players to earn selection into State U21 and Victorian Vikings team
  • Develop an increased number of players capable of Premier League selection through internal development programs, squad programs, recruitment and interchange strategies.
  • Establish and improve junior player pathways and integration into the top squad
  • Target promising juniors and provide them with high level coaching
  • Develop  team leadership and mentor programs
  • Develop short and long term team goals, team rules and a positive team culture (involving sportsmanship, respect for others, commitment, etc)
  • Establish regular coaching, player and team reviews to reflect on what works and where improvements should be made
  • Encourage coaches to undertake coach education opportunities so they continually strive to be the best coaches possible
  • Encourage players to participate in junior coaching at club and regional level to improve their understanding of the game and assist in junior development
  • Establish a source of club resources (financial, personnel) to fund and support elite coach and player performance and training