Women & Girls Participation

Doncaster Hockey Club has identified a strategic goal to increase and maintain the number of girls and women participating in hockey at the club.

Some key retention observations include:

  • Girls playing with girls has resulted in increased friendships and retention rate
  • Quality Coaches important
  • Coaches to have a focus on social, fun team building
  • Promote a positive group atmosphere within teams and club
  • Encourage leadership opportunities from young age eg coaching, officiating
  • Use female coaches where possible
  • Monitor team clicks and react
  • Ensure that the training and competition needs of elite female athletes are identified and addressed
  • Provide support to juniors transitioning to seniors 
  • Women and girls are more open to ideas about ‘health’ and ‘well-being’ than sport so combine physical activity with health activities

In 2019 we reviewed some of the goals set and established new goals.

Click here to review those goals.

Click here to review the DHC Junior Girl playing policy