Policy Overview

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What is Doncaster HC Junior Hockey Policy

Doncaster Hockey Club’s Junior Hockey Policy (JHP) is a set of guidelines developed to assist the club and its members by encouraging the provision of safe, enjoyable and accountable environments for everyone involved in junior hockey.

Who is the Junior Hockey Policy Aimed At?

The JHP will be useful for all people in the junior hockey section which includes:
· junior hockey participants
· parents/guardians
· coaches
· team managers
· umpires
· administrators
· other volunteers

Why is the Junior Hockey Policy Important?

As duty of care issues become increasingly important, the club aims to use the JHP to provide a platform to ensure junior participants have a positive hockey experience. The health and welfare of junior participants must be central to all objectives which include providing:
· enjoyable experiences
· safe and supportive environments
· skill development
· challenges and the joy of achieving
· access for all to participate
· a clear pathway for improvement
· equal opportunities for all junior participants

A Game for Everyone, A game for Life

The key points below have been taken into consideration when establishing Doncaster Hockey Clubs policies and guidelines for Junior players, coaches, Managers and parents.
· Early positive hockey experiences are vital in keeping junior participants involved.
· Clubs and coaches must take care not to judge a young person’s ability and interest in hockey by their body shape.
· Values and stereotypes associated with hockey can be a barrier to participation.
· Clubs need to make equitable decisions so that opportunities for individuals are not affected by ability, body shape, disability, ethnicity, gender, geographical location, socioeconomic status or sexuality.
 · Providing access and equity for junior participants leads to: o junior participants being motivated to stay involved in hockey in the long term; o an increase in the size of the talent pool for elite performance.