Indoor Hockey

DHC Junior's Indoor Hockey

Junior Indoor Hockey 2017

Indoor Hockey is designed for players who have played a minimum of two winter seasons of hockey ideally at Shield or Pennant level.

It is recommended that players will attend indoor training sessions on Wednesdays from 11th October at Whitefriars College. Times: 5:30 – 8:30pm

DHC will provide Indoor Hockey fixtures when notified by Hockey Victoria.

Cost & payment:  Competition and age group dependent.

Refer to Doncaster Hockey Club ‘Team App’ Store for payment following team allocations.


NB: Doncaster HC will not be running an Indoor Competition at Whitefriars College in 2017.


Indoor Hockey is a version of hockey which is played indoors in a sports hall or a space with a similar hard, flat surface.

  • there are only six (or 5) players per team,
  • the playing area is much smaller,
  • the goals are slightly smaller,
  • the duration of a game is shorter,
  • the ball may only be pushed and not hit or slapped
  • the ball may only be played along the ground except for a shot at    goal which can be raised,
  • PC: defenders outside post
  • indoor hockey pitches have side-boards along both side-lines which keep the ball in play.

Hockey Victoria competition information and FIH rules can be found  here

More information with Gabrielle Liedel