Hook in2 Hockey




What is Hookin2Hockey?

Hookin2Hockey is Hockey Australia’s junior participation program aimed at participants aged 10 and under. Hookin2Hockey is designed to provide participants with a fun environment to learn the basics of the game at any age. As hockey is a family sport, Hookin2Hockey also allows parents, guardians and siblings the opportunity to be involved through numerous volunteer roles that are important to the success of the program at centres.

Upon completion of the Hook in2Hockey program, participants will have the opportunity to progress through to the ‘Game on’ modified competition program and then into a more structured Club Hockey competition.



Doncaster Hockey Club runs 2 eight week Hook in2 Hockey Programs each year. The next programs details are:

Programme 1- Wednesdays @ 4.45pm-5.45pm

Free Come’n’try-H2H   Wednesday 18th October

H2H – Wednesday 25th October - 6th December, 2017

Programme 2- Mondays @4.45pm-5.30pm

Free Come’n’try-H2H     Saturday 10th February 11am-12pm

H2H – Monday 12th February - 16th April, 2018  followed by transition into pre-season training.

Cost -  $85.00 which includes an Equipment hockey participant pack.  

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Game on!  (Whats next?)

H2H players will have the opportunity to register in our modified ‘Game On!’ program or transition into our winter competitions.

The Game On! program is a natural progression from Hookin2Hockey by putting Skills learnt into action and will help participants develop their skills further as they move towards traditional club hockey.

Game On! gives participants the opportunity to play modified games with less players on each side ensuring that each player is more involved in the game. It allows the further development of the fundamental hockey skills, as well as the game based learning that come through the modified matches.

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Click here for the  How-to-Register-a-Participant.pdf

For enquiries email:   junior.dev@doncasterhockeyclub.com.au







Coaching Resource: Hin2H Handbook


Editors note:

In November 2012, Hockey Australia was awarded the prestigious Etienne Glichitch medal by the FIH at the World Hockey Congress. The Glichitch medal is awarded to a person or Federation that has made a significant contribution to the growth and development of hockey at local, national or international level. Hook in2 Hockey is seen by FIH as an innovative programs that has greatly assisted in driving more young players into the sport.  Doncaster is a strong supporter of Hook in2 Hockey.