Facility Managment Procedures

Ground Lights

To turn on the DHC ground lights opening the external light box using a code provided for a combination lock - instructions are included in pdf document below.  If only one team is training, turn on lights for half ground.  At end of training or game when full ground lighting is being used turn one half of lights off and leave the other half of lighting on for a short period, until players are chased from sheds eg. don't leave lights on whilst they stand around talking.

The floodlight hour run meter is to be read & recorded on a monthly basis eg. set a date for it to be read & recorded on the same date each month.  Turn on/off the east/west end to suit the hourly usage as per instructions in pdf document below, so as the ends are kept at an even rate wear (John Henry has the book).

MINI PITCH LIGHTS - can be turned on using switches located on the wall outside the away change room.  The keys to these switches are located in the key safe attached to the watering system box.

Clean ground surrounds

Clean up all rubbish in toilets, change rooms, pavilion, players’ shelters & spectator areas.  Stack all chairs & keep in tidy order, including metal bench seats.  Keep area clear in front of canteen & sliding glass door to main room.  Keep store shed tidy.

Rubbish Bins

Empty all rubbish bins including the 4 in the players’ shelters.  Empty all rubbish bins in canteen, bar, public toilets & change rooms.  Ground rubbish bins should be emptied regularly into the big green bins near front gate.  Rubbish truck empties these bins from this site on regular waste collection days.

Recycling Waste

Recycling bins containing bottles and cans should be put out every second Thursday next to big recycling waste skip in car park.  All cardboard waste should be put into this skip in carpark.

Use of Ground

All ground usage should be booked prior to use via ground booking manager.  No food or drink is allowed onto the ground. Patrons should enter the ground via gates, not by jumping the fence.

Training Goals

Training goals are to be removed off the ground at end training & left upright on the concrete apron.

Ground Drain

Clean leaves out of the drain entry located at north-east corner of ground.

HV Fixture matches

Only players, umpires and team officials are allowed on the playing surface during HV fixtured matches.


No dogs are allowed inside the Doncaster Regional Hockey Centre.

BBQ Area

BBQ is run off mains gas.  To turn mains gas on turn yellow valve on gas line located on north west corner of shed to vertical (running parallel with gas line).  Follow instructions on BBQ on how to light BBQ.  BBQ should be cleaned after use and mains gas line turned off by turning yellow valve to horizontal.  Fat collecting can should be emptied into plastic bags and disposed of into rubbish.


Ensure public toilets & change rooms have toilet paper in them & check if they need replenishing throughout the weekends.  Toilet paper is stored in cupboard at the back of the hall outside the change rooms.  Bowls club purchase toilet paper in the bowling season & the hockey club canteen buys in hockey season eg. 1 April until 31 August.  Hockey club is compensated by the Pavilion account.

Lost Property

Place lost property into the box provided in meeting room or store shed.

Opening Gates

Main gate - Open by activating the key pad with palm.  Type in code and unlock icon

Change Rooms and Toilets - Open by activating the key pad with palm.  Type in code and unlock icon.

Shed - Punch code into the key safe located next to the shed door.  Replace the key in keysafe immediately.

Gates Open Padlock & attach lock to hasp & remove key.

Closing Pavilion

Close & lock all the internal doors.  Ensure change room windows are closed.  Ensure all internal lights are turned off including the 5 toilets, change rooms, canteen, coolroom, kitchen, bar, corridor & main room.  Light outside the front door stays on as it is a security light.  Ensure HEATER is turned off.  Ensure the sliding glass door in the main room is locked (2 keys required for this door 1 top lock &1 bottom lock).

Lock Maintenance

If the locks stick and are difficult to open then use spray stored in the canteen cupboard near the pie warmer.  Give locks a squirt and open and close a couple of times, squirt in the barrel and where the shank opens.

Collection of Hockey Balls

Players are expected to fetch their own balls that they hit over the fence or someone is required to find the balls eg. on the ground, under the fence, over the fence including over the fence towards Springvale Rd.  This is after training or games.  If they aren't collected by our people they are picked up by the schools that use our ground the following day.  Return all balls to the shed.

Scoreboard Clock

There are two handsets (one is spare) to operate the scoreboard clock.  They are usually stored in canteen.

  1. When clock is on zero you can set game time by pushing button 1.  Each push of button 1 adds 20 minutes to clock.  Two pushes = 40 min shown on clock.  To wind clock back to 35 min push button 3 five times.
  2. To start clock push button 4.  To stop clock push button 4.
NOTE: Once the clock has been started time cannot be reset.  Only way to do this is to pull plug from socket (found in canteen) which resets clock to zero and then start process again.

Ground Watering Policy

Provided watering restrictions allow - the following ground watering policy will be employed at DHC.

The ground may be watered immediately prior to all men's and women's Premier League Games and practice matches, unless requested otherwise by coaching staff.

The ground may also be watered prior to the first senior game played on any day (including summer evening games) if deemed unsafe due to it being too dry due to sun or heat, or at other times, when it is absolutely necessary during long dry periods for maintenance purposes.

Operation of Canteen

See document below.

Ground Manager duties

See below

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When locking up club rooms ensure that you complete all of the following.
As of 1st December 2009, if you have been authorised to operate the floodlights and issued with a key you should follow these procedures.