Club Policies, Guides and Plans

Alcohol Management Policy (Click HERE)

Child Safety Policy (Click HERE)

Codes of Behaviour (Click Here)

Committee Member Codes of Conduct (Click Here)

Communications Policy (Click Here)

Concussion Management Procedure - DHC (Click Here)

Conflict of Interest Policy (CLick here)

Diversity and Inclusion Policy (Click Here)

Fair Go. Sport! (Equality and gender diversity) (Click Here)

Heat Advice and Guidelines (Click HERE)

Manningham Sporting Clubs Safe, Respectful and Inclusive (Click here)

Member Protection (Click here)

Social Media Policy (click here)  

Strategic Plan DHC 2020-2024 (Click Here)

Strategic Plan DHC 2013-2017  -Public (click here)

Volunteer and Staff Management Policy (Click Here)

Acceptable Behaviour Policy - August 2017 (Click here)


Conflict of Interest in Sport Guidelines  (click here)

Good Governance Tool kit (click here)

Play by the Rules Website and resources (Click Here)

Working with Children Check (click here)

Role of the Board Chair (click here)

Sporting Club resources (click here)

Fundraising (see below)

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