Rising Star Award

For best/most dedicated current JUNIOR PLAYER (boy/girl) playing FIRST YEAR of squad grade senior hockey (Pennant, Reserves or PL) at Doncaster Hockey Club.

The winner must have been a regular player in one of the top 2 SENIOR sides (a guide would be 12 senior games), and be a regular member of a JUNIOR Doncaster side. The player must not have been suspended during the season and represent the club in a positive light at all times.)

Isobel Todero wins is the 2019 Rising Star Award - Women.


Kaelan Boundy is presented with the 2019 Rising Star Award - Men
by Coaching Director Mark Taylor
2019Isobel Todero & Kaelan Boundy
2018Jordyn Oatley & Marnus Prinsloo
2017Manisha Arunasalam & Joseph Woodgate
2016Bevan Fernandes
2015Calvin Martinz
2014Shae Jones
2013Daniel McBride